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Zoe Ball hopes to be a “mother” to ducklings again.

The BBC Radio 2 DJ, who has son Woody, 21, and daughter Nellie, 12, with ex-husband Norman Cook, revealed that she and her partner Michael Reid bought ducks they named, including Daffy Duck after incident. famous cartoon and they hope they mate.

She said: “He [Michael] recently built a duck house in our garden, but the ducks didn’t settle in, so we bought a few.

“It’s fine!

“Their names are Candace-Marie, Keith and Daffy Duck.

“They might have ducklings – who knows, maybe I’ll be a mom again soon! I’ll let you know how it goes.”

The 51-year-old presenter has traded a life at parties for fussing in the garden – and she is very happy.

She told British magazine Closer: “I personally love the fact that I can no longer go outside. I’ve been doing this for 30 years!”

Zoe is very proud of her oldest son, who started his career as a DJ, and says being a mom is one of the “best things” she’s ever done.

She said, “I’m so proud of Woody!

“He just goes about his DJing and really enjoys what he does.

“He has a real eclectic taste in music – he always looks through my vinyl!

“And now he’s hosting clubs and events — which is great. He likes it.

“He was always very smart – I remember there was a moment when I couldn’t help him with his homework because he was beyond me! But I’m very proud of him. Being a mom is one of the best things I’ve ever had. ever done.

“Even though it’s not easy, you’re always learning.”

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