US Travel Managers Exchange Messaging and Tips for Travel Consultants

A travel consultant in today’s world is absolutely essential for the recovery of the tourism industry.

“I’ve heard about the demise of the travel agency since I’ve been in the business, and I’ve been in this business for almost 50 years and it’s never happened,” said Roger Doe, President and CEO of the American Travel Association. “I think right now travel professionals are going to be in greater demand than ever with the complexity of airfare protocols and all that, so travel agents who excel at being experts and not just booking one flight, going to prosper because people are all confused and looking for a professional to help him through the process.”



As a rule, most travel agents and consultants book international trips for their clients. However, more and more are planning US domestic travel for their customers.

The pandemic has given way to an increase in domestic holiday travel, and several Americans have relied on their advisors to help them navigate where to go and what to do during the pandemic. This resulted in some consultants having to contact US destinations more than before.

We spoke with several top executives from some of the top US travel boards to give them an opportunity to share their opinion, thanks, or any advice they can give to travel advisors.


“The future of Hawaii travel is regenerative, going beyond sustainability and caring for our community,” said Hawaii Tourism Authority President and CEO John De Vries. “Because we believe visitors to Hawaii want a meaningful, enriching experience, we encourage travel consultants to learn more about our various malam-inspired experiences on each island that will enable their clients to make a positive impact by strengthening bonds with stalwarts. communities that are committed to preserving Hawaiian culture and restoring our natural resources for future generations.”


“Well, Florida has been a sure bet throughout the pandemic, it will never close, we will always be here,” said Dana Young, President and CEO of Visit Florida. “And now I just repeat that if you come to Florida, you will have a wonderful vacation. We are in working condition, equipped, ready to receive and continue to receive visitors. So come to Florida, you won’t regret it.”

New York

“As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s important that travel consultants know how valued and appreciated they are,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC & Company. “A word of advice, at sixteen right now, re-experience dynamic destinations like New York that have never stopped evolving. Over the past two years, New York City has changed significantly through reimagining and new…


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