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MASSEN. The summer of fishing tournaments is about to start in Massena, and Donald R. Meisner showed the city council a video promoting Massena as the best place not only for fishing, but also for other entertainment.

“For those of you who haven’t been on the journey we’ve gone through to get to this point, we’re going to be showing an ad made by the National Fisheries League Producers when they came here last year. So, you will see the ads they ran. It was part of their national television coverage,” said Mr. Meisner, the city’s director of tourism.

He said that the city was given the rights to use the video “to keep pushing the message that we’re trying to get across about why we want people to come to Massena.”

“In the beginning it’s fishing, but it’s about the experience of coming to this city and what it can mean not only for our city and the future of our city, but for the future of these people who can come and find out who we are here,” he said.

In a video filmed at Veterans Memorial Park, Mr. Meisner discusses his reasons for visiting Massena and the northern country. Among them, according to him, the area has the best fishing in the world.

“People come here from tournaments from all over the continent, but there’s more to Massena,” he said. “Massena is a place where you can come with your family. You may feel like you have never been here before. It’s like going back to the way it used to be for a lot of people across the country. You don’t need anything other than the desire to get outside and enjoy nature, and that’s what this area really is, no matter what you like.”

Speaking to city council, Mr. Meisner said the area is special.

“I don’t want to say the same thing all the time, but I feel the same thing all the time. This area is special and I have dedicated my whole life to getting to it. I’m trying to bring everything that’s been a part of my life, 30 years of TV and radio work, and that’s where it’s gotten me to, and I hope I can change that,” he said.

City grant author Linda M. McQuinn, who helps Mr. Meisner promote the city’s fishing aspect, provided board members with a budget for this year’s fishing tournaments. She said the budget includes funding available from Empire State Development and related expenses from the city. The 2022 Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Championship has a number of events planned for August at the Massena Intake.

“At present, Don is making a big effort trying to find donors for that part of the budget that Massena is responsible for, primarily for artist royalties, fireworks. These concerts are very important. We hope that they will gather a lot of people for recruitment,” she said.

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