Tourism leaders Topeka, Hutchinson, Salina ready to welcome summer visitors

Tourism in Kansas is doing well, but there are a few disruptions due to high fuel prices, labor shortages and post-COVID-19 worries.

Gas prices in the state are below national levels, averaging $4,968 on Tuesday, according to AAA.

The May unemployment rate is 2.3%, according to the Kansas Department of Labor.

Topeka, Salina, and Hutchinson noticed that tourists were planning their trip, and cities were preparing to receive guests.

Dinosaurs spur tourism business in Topeka, but hotel declines slightly

“I’d say we’re really good so far,” said Visit Topeka President Sean Dixon. “Obviously starting the year with a dinosaur festival helps. The overall impact on attendance at our attractions has been fantastic. We just counted everything on the T. Rex at Great Overland Station.

Evergy Plaza hosts several free entertainment events in Topeka for budget travelers.

“Hotels are down slightly from our expected targets. We are really evaluating ourselves compared to 2019 in terms of pre-pandemic. So we’re still on a downward trend than I would like to see, but all things considered, income is what we like. it’s right now.

“As a market, we have been somewhat undervalued for quite some time. So we were very encouraged that the rates here are rising and they stay the same and remain competitive with our counterparts in the state, which they have not traditionally been.”

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Topeka attractions and events provide a positive outlook for this summer

On a warm March afternoon, a large crowd of eager animal lovers flock to the Topeka Zoo.

“I like to think the zoo is the crown jewel of our tourism crown,” he said, adding that the parks and trails are worth spending time with the family without going broke.

“With some of the things we have on our calendar, we think we’ll be doing just fine,” Dixon said.

Events such as the Country Stampede, Sunflower State Games and Fiesta Mexicana, which take place in July, are sure to attract tourists, he said. In August, Dixon was thrilled by the NHRA Nationals and Weird Al Yankovic.

For more information about Topeka, visit the Visit Topeka website.

Occupancy at the Salina Hotel is going well, work is a challenge

There has been a revival in downtown Salina, with more art and entertainment to attract tourists.

“Honestly, gas prices in Kansas are by far some of the lowest in the country, and that helps us,” said Visit Salina director Sylvia Rice. “We have just completed a survey and review of other statistical information available to us and the hotels are filling well and also keeping their rates higher than we anticipated.

The only downside to the Salina Market will be labor.

“We’re fighting the workforce like everyone else,” Rice said. “It’s definitely a challenge.”

There is no shortage of art, sights and events in Salina.

This mural by Australian artist Guido Van Helten depicts a grain silo in Salina.

In Salina, a city center revitalization project is being implemented. Outdoor performance venues and a five-story hotel with suites were added. Art abounds.

“We are in the midst of a major mural project across the community, primarily downtown,” Rice said. Tea…

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