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Tiny house: Tire maker Continental unveils its green and sustainable mobile home

You don’t need to be a tiny house builder to launch your tiny house model and this tiny house comes from a world famous manufacturer. This company comes from a completely unexpected sector for such a project, since it is Continental, a tire manufacturer. With ContiHome, he offers a small smart home built from automotive materials. We imagine this tiny house on the edge of the race track very well; it can even serve as a motorhome! But this is apparently not the goal of the German brand, which wants to make it a new way of life. Presentation of ContiHome.

100% continental product

Ralph Imburydirector of innovation at Continental, talks about this project (via tweet) liked'”a house that has been designed from A to Z thanks to our experience in building and finishing, as well as our know-how in the field of surface finishing.” In addition to the external structure, which is effective, resembles a tire in texture and color, interior 100% Continental. Whether it’s the metal used, the trailer or the furniture, everything bears the hallmark of the German brand. Continental “know-how” is everywhere, but manufacturers do not specify the exact composition of the materials used; they only explain that they need a sustainable product. ContiHome offers 32 m², which is a lot for a tiny house!

Photo credit: Continental (Twitter screenshot)

Sustainable tiny house?

We know that for a long time Continental recycles tires through the ContiTech program. This subsidiary of Continental “designs, manufactures and markets intelligent rubber, plastic, metal and fabric products, systems and components”. This makes it believable that ContiHome is a 100% “home” product!

Also, it would seem that the environmental impact is at the heart of this project; Continental suggests that window profiles will be 100% recyclable. In addition, the furniture installed in the tiny house makes ContiHome a “smart home” thanks to the touch screen located at the entrance. With this screen combined with an app on your smartphone, you will be able to control lighting, temperature and some connected devices.

ContiHome is a show house that we designed, engineered and built ourselves. The result is a tiny, smart, mobile home that reflects the trends…

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