Senator Smith talks about sustainability and tourism at La Crescent – WIZM 92.3FM 2:10 pm

Apple Capital of Minnesota connects with the nation’s capital by hosting US Senator Tina Smith for an official visit.

On Wednesday, Smith spent an hour with Mayor Mike Pollinger and other La Crescent City leaders discussing energy conservation programs and tourism projects.

The Democratic senator wants Washington to pay attention to pioneering action in cities like La Crescent.

“A lot of the time in the Senate, people think of small towns, rural America as scarce places, they don’t have either,” Smith told reporters. “When I go into these communities, I find an incredible amount of creativity and assets, and they just need a little help from the federal government and from state and local governments to help create that.”

Smith met with La Crescent leaders about sustainability programs such as the GreenStep Cities initiative that the city is participating in. She also oversaw the construction of a footbridge that will become part of the regional trail system.

Sen. Tina Smith inspects footbridge work with La Crescent Mayor Mike Pollinger.

Earlier on Wednesday.

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