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All World League Wrestling championships were on the line when the promotion held a Gold Rush event at the Race Wrestling Arena on June 18 in Troy.

The event opened with Billy Kidd taking on Italian powerhouse Karim Brigante. Although Mississippi Wild Man held his ground for most of the match, he was no match for Roman Warrior’s strength as Brigante took the win by pin.

Prior to Dysfunction’s title match against High Level Enterprise for the new WLW Tag Team Tournament, new Dysfunction member Kyle Roberts faced Austin Mulitalo. Roberts played Mulitato during the match before his teammates finally told him to finish him off with a codebreaker for the win.

Dysfunction then attacked Mulitalo after the match before Jack Gamble and John Webb arrived to prevent further damage.

Thanks to some social media inquiries, rookie Luke Anthony was able to secure a WLW light heavyweight title match with Sweden’s Raheem. However, Sweden refused to participate in the match when the pair entered the ring.

Once Anthony called de la Zude a “chicken” for not defending his title, the match was in full swing. After a back and forth battle, de la Suesche attempted to take his title home for a win at the countout, only to be “brought” back into the ring by WLW Heavyweight Champion Moses “The Delivery”, nearly resulting in Anthony’s victory.

However, de la Zude was able to put some pantyhose on Anthony to retain his title.

Dysfunction finally took on High Level Enterprise in the WLW Tag Team Finals. Shortly before the match, Leland Race made the decision to ban Kyle Roberts from ringside, which was a key moment even before the match began.

During the match, John Coffey injured his knee, which negated much of his power and strength. However, Dysfunction was able to defeat the duo of Gamble and Webb.

That is, until Webb tore out Coffey’s knee for the last time. Coffey was unable to continue the match, making him a handicap match with Brandon Espinoza.

Espinosa tried to steal the win by DDTing Gamble, but Gamble was not the right person. Gamble then landed a super punch on Espinosa before Webb scored the perfect Canadian destroyer for the win and titles.

The main event between Moses “The Redeemer” and superstar Steve went off without a hitch from the get-go, as the opponents began to fight even before Moses took off his jacket.

There was just as much action outside the ring as there was inside, in a rivalry that had been brewing for months as Steve robbed Moses of his chance at the Tag Team titles. A chair was introduced in the match, as Moses ran into it several times.

However, Moses never stopped fighting to keep his title. However, Steve did not stop fighting for it. And referee Ellani Harley couldn’t stop either of them – to the point where she had to disqualify both wrestlers when they pushed her to the mat.

Officials and the locker room had to be cleared out to separate the two men in a rivalry that could be far from over.


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