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Kanye West accuses Adidas of selling fake Yeezy flip-flops

To believe that Kanye West has finally not fulfilled his desire to take a creative year. He’s become more cautious of late, but is already coming to the fore again to accuse adidas of selling fake Yeezy sneakers. Only that.

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Believing that the relationship between West and the three-stripe brand could quickly escalate. The acclaimed rapper has signed his comeback on Instagram in recent hours so as not to be teased with a new musical project or new collaboration. Rather, the artist set his sights on the Adilette Slide 22 faucet, the one we mentioned not so long ago, which has become a real box office faucet since launch. Taking advantage of the amazing design in many ways, the slide gave the impression of being almost 3D printed. In addition, he limits his brand to one sentence. “BRAND WITH THREE STRIPS. » To make matters worse, this model was rejected in a beige color similar to YEEZY’s grey.

Wounded to the quick after discovering summer shoes, Therefore, Kanye West accused adidas of selling “FALSE” jeezy : « Notice to adidas CEO [Kasper Rørsted] I will not be fooled by this soulless copy. […] I say this for those who want to speak up but feel they can’t because they’ll either lose their contract or be called crazy. Courage not to be afraid. Courage conquers your fear of the truth. It’s Ye with blue face paint. These shoes show these people’s disrespect for talent. This shoe is a fake Yeezy made by adidas. »

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