Idaho families don’t change travel plans despite high gas prices

Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Here in Idaho, gas prices are skyrocketing. At $5.20 a gallon, that’s nearly $2 more than a year ago, according to AAA. However, despite high prices, families are not changing their travel plans but are still wondering when they will see relief at a gas station..

Vacation travel will approach pre-pandemic levels, up nearly 4%, or 1.7 million people, compared to last year, according to AAA Idaho. AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde called it a “voyage of revenge”.

“People are catching up and trying to get revenge. Because of the pandemic, they have learned that sometimes you can take something away, even what you take for granted, like the ability to gather,” Conde said.

However, some travelers said on Wednesday that the joy of travel does not relieve the pain of refueling.

“My tank to go here, 3/4 tank, was about $75. Normally I would top it up with $50,” said Lazarus Chavez, who was driving from Utah to Twin Falls with his wife Lisette.

In addition, his wife said that traveling this year requires a limited budget and a willingness to make some sacrifices.

“Especially when traveling, we don’t eat out, we make more sandwiches. Even camping is against going to a hotel,” Lisette Chavez said.

Despite the Biden administration’s moves to use the national strategic oil reserve and calls from US oil companies to increase production, many are still wondering why prices are still rising.

“Well, you have limited supplies around the world. We have a situation where Russian oil is a pariah of the market, no one wants to touch it. You have a situation where the market sees any of these actions and reacts with an increase,” Conde said.

However, in recent weeks there has been a call for gas tax repeal, not just here in Idaho, but at the federal level.

“If we see that prices go down, they will immediately go up because we are increasing demand. There are a lot of unanswered questions,” Conde said.

However, when it comes to gas tax holidays, the Chavez family has said they will support them.

“Hopefully we really get this tax holiday that is coming up. It will help a little,” said Lazarus Chavez.

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