Best Travel Destinations for Summer 2022

Kyle Kerr is an avid traveler who likes to visit new places as often as possible. In his opinion, a better time than summer is to experience new and exciting views and places where you have never been before in your life. He recently discussed some amazing summer travel options that you can consider if you’re looking for something different to do on vacation.

Kyle Kerr’s Favorite Summer Vacation Spots

Many directions chosen Kyle Kerr in the USA and they are worth a visit if you have never tried them before. However, there are also options around the world that may surprise you. For example, he highly recommends taking the time to explore the Maldives, an island nation that provides an almost unlimited number of interesting places to visit and visit with the family.

Those who don’t know about this country may not know that it is made up of over a thousand tiny islands with unique places to visit. It offers summer hotels as well as scuba diving, swimming, exploration and more. If you want a unique tropical experience and feel comfortable traveling from many small islands by boat or plane, the Maldives is a great option for you.

Another great option Kyle Kerr insists this is the French Riviera.. Although this place is a little different from the Maldives, it still offers amazing beach destinations in several hotels and destinations. You can swim, explore quaint towns, make new friends, try some fantastic new food and experience the Riviera the way it was meant to be: slowly and with plenty of time to explore.

If you don’t want to leave the United States, or you just don’t have the money to cover these expenses, there are many more great options to consider. For example, California is one of the most popular summer destinations for a reason. There are many beautiful beaches to explore, fantastic weather, beautiful sunsets, unique food options and an amazing selection of different activities.

For example, there are several ranches that you can visit, ride horses and experience the Wild West lifestyle for a while. There are also golf courses, spas where you can relax, and other places real estate agent Kyle Kerr strongly suggests visiting. The Pacific Coast Highway is a particularly popular destination because it allows you to travel around the region with relative ease.

While you’re in California, you can also head to Washington, Montana, and other nearby states for great outdoor adventures. For example, the Rocky Mountains have several parks to explore and enjoy that you might enjoy. These include places like Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, two places that are unlike anything else in this world. Thousands of miles of hiking and exploration trails are available throughout the region.

Written by Kyle Kerr.
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