Best travel beauty products for summer 2022

Daylight Savings Time means a much-needed vacation for most people. Aside from the inevitable trials and tribulations of travel, some setbacks can be prevented with proper planning. There’s nothing joyful about your favorite toiletries being confiscated by security because they weigh over 3.4 ounces, or when you arrive at your destination only to realize you’ve forgotten your essentials to take care of. skin, body and hair.

Solution? Stock up on everything you need in travel sizes that you can take with you in hand luggage. That way, wherever you go, you’ll be ready to travel – stress-free with packing.

To prepare for your next flight moment, we’ve put together a travel essentials list so you can pack without having to check your bag.

Starter set of heroes

If you’re packing at the last minute (like I am), investing in a kit that already has everything you need saves time and brings relief. Carry Aesop’s Departure Kit to ensure you stay hydrated and maintain proper oral hygiene no matter where you are, or Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skin care kits so you don’t have to worry about sticking to your regimen. behind the skin. away.

Aesop’s departure set

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Edit Set

Super Goop 3 Ways To PLAY Travel Pack

Miscellaneous products

Sometimes you need a few more products that are not included in the all-in-one package. From facial oils, mini face cleaner to hand sanitizer, keep…

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