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LOS ANGELES, June 2, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New research by online savings platform BravoDeal has revealed the most popular states, cities and attractions for domestic travel in the US. A new study reveals the most popular domestic travel destinations in each state, as well as America’s top vacation preferences.

Sun states California and Hawaii voted top domestic travel destinations

According to the data, Hawaii and California dominate the US domestic travel market, with 46% of US states prefer California for their domestic travel, while 42% prefer Hawaii. Together, the two sunny states hold the majority, with 44 states preferring these two destinations for their travel to the US. According to state-level data, California is the preferred destination for most other states, especially those traveling from the East Coast. Hawaii, however, receives the largest share of online interest from travelers across the country, with over 300,000 online searches each month, nearly double that of California (averaging 151,500 monthly searches).

Only six of the 50 states are reinsuring themselves and choosing destinations closer to home. Louisiana residents searched more for trips to Mississippi (averaging 2010 searches per month, twice as many searches for California), while travelers from the New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts prefer to travel to the neighboring state.

Sunshine State trio tops US top 10 nationally

The top 10 states for domestic travel in monthly online country searches offer many popular options from around the country, with a trio of sunny states taking the top spots:

  1. Hawaii (average 300,000 searches per month)
  2. California (average 151,500 searches per month)
  3. Florida (average 57,400 searches per month)
  4. Colorado (average 28,600 searches per month)
  5. Alaska (average 25,600 searches per month)
  6. Maine (average 25,600 searches per month)
  7. Vermont (Average 23,400 searches per month)
  8. Arkansas (average 19,100 searches per month)
  9. Pennsylvania (average 16,720 searches per month)
  10. Arizona (average 16,700 searches per month)

Great outdoor views are among the top ten attractions for inland travel.

Top 10 outdoor attractions are voted by US travelers with over 160,000 searches per month, more than double the number of entertainment venues such as the Grand ole Oprey and Borgata Casino & Spa. The San Antonio Riverwalk in Texas leads the rankings of US attractions, and online traveler interest is three times higher than that of its closest competitor on the list, South Beach, Florida.

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Data Source: Average monthly web searches using Google Keyword Planner using data from the last 12 months. Top US Attractions via Tripadvisor.

For more information please contact: Diana Popescu, PR Consultant,

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