Airlines continue to cancel flights as summer flights rise

Around 3,000 flights across the country were canceled this weekend.

MINNEAPOLIS. Flight cancellations and delays are leading to turbulent days for the aviation industry.

About 3,000 flights across the country were canceled from Friday to Sunday.

Thousands more were detained.

On Monday alone, reports that nearly 2,300 flights have been delayed and 352 cancelled.

The Biden administration is pushing industry leaders to resolve issues before the July 4 weekend.

“After all, they have to deliver. Passengers buy this ticket expecting to get where they need to go,” President Biden said.

The president is also stepping up pressure on oil companies, telling them to do more to bring down fuel costs, which has driven ticket prices up.

President Biden says he is also considering introducing a federal gas tax holiday to give drivers some relief.

Meanwhile, TSA reports that this weekend has been one of the busiest days on the road since the start of the pandemic.

The long holiday weekend with Father’s Day and June 10th is the main reason why so many people decide to take a trip this weekend.

Airport officials at MSP say many travelers this weekend also include families taking their children on a family trip before the July 4th holiday in a few weeks.

However, there is another group of travelers that is also unique to this time of year – campers.

“Today we are picking up about 80 kids from the Minneapolis airport to take them to camp,” says North Star Camp Operations Director Dan Lichtenstein.

This week, dozens of campers flew into MSP to end up at Camp North Star in Hayward, Wisconsin.

And right next to them? More than 130 girls who also go to the camp.

“There are really a lot of students in the camps this year,” Lichtenstein says.

But this year they are not all smooth sailing.

“We woke up this morning to find out that the long lines in Los Angeles meant that about 15 out of 30 kids weren’t able to get on their original flight, so we’re going to be here to make sure they get to camp.” – Lichtenstein He speaks.

He says these kids have been put on three different flights and the last one won’t get to MSP until 9:30 pm Monday.

“We’ll be waiting here…

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