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Aimé Leon Doré, the power of nostalgia

Who said Supreme is better?

Aimé Leon Doré is from Queens, New York.. Our constant focus on simple yet effective design drives us to create timeless pieces with a unique aesthetic. »

While you are looking define in a few words Aimé Léon Doréhow the brand describes itself on the page O from your website.

Nothing original then, except that if you click on the link learn moreyou will be redirected to Apple Music Listening Pageabnormal from U.S.

A detail that is not.

Even more than possibly the best rap album of all time abnormalreleased in 1994, really personifies a special era, a special state of mind: that in New York in the mid 90s.

New York in the mid-90s is New York “real hip hop” (De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang…), New York with basketball courts, New York with rich streetwear, square and colorful, New York “white boy” from the Ivy League who live in the slums of Biggie, stylish New York neat a la Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger… In short, this composite and fictional New York that makes you nostalgic without even knowing it.

And it is in this very specific niche that Aimé Leon Dore is positioned, a clothing brand whose identity, paradoxically, is based not on its clothes (hoodies with huge logos, $200 silk ties, baseball caps, sleeveless jersey…), but on legacy, if not emotion.

Or, to quote Teddy Santis, its creator: “I see us first and foremost as storytellers. The item will only arrive after. »

“New York we fuck with”

The son of first-generation Greek immigrants, Theodore Santis was born and raised in Queens in the 80s and 90s. A place that, as you understand, shaped his future identity.

“I’m really from there. I really grew up listening to Mobb Deep, Nas and all those guys. They inspire me in everything I do, in everything I do.. It is difficult to understand the atmosphere of that time without experiencing it. At best, we can try to present it, but if you weren’t part of it, it’s immediately obvious. »

Initially focused more on business than clothing, his life becomes bifurcated when he spends time with Ronnie Fig, Founder of Kithhe slowly imagines what his own brand will be like.

First comes the name. Then the logo. Then came the desire to create his first work.

So, during a joint vacation in Greece with Fig, he gives her a burgundy-red crew-neck sweater emblazoned with slogan ” Like “. Encouraged by the result, the latter shared the picture on his Instagram.

After a few hours, the like counter explodes.

Fell in love with Leon…

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