A Look at Memorial Day Weekend Travel

As Memorial Day fast approaches, AAA predicts that about 5,000,000 Californians will travel over the weekend, of which 90% will make it to their destination.

Sacramento, California. – As Memorial Day fast approaches, AAA predicts that about 5,000,000 Californians will hit the road over the weekend, with 90% of them making it to their destination by car, despite record high inflation and gas prices.

“So it’s pretty close to what we saw before the pandemic. We’re pretty much in line with the travel volumes we’ve seen,” said Northern California AAA spokesman Aldo Vazquez.

The average gasoline price is currently $6.07 per gallon. Southern California resident Reuben Llamas felt pain at a gas station as he fueled his Jeep Gladiator at a Neighbors Market and Spirits 76 gas station in Galt on his way to Lake Tahoe.

“It just sucks because we have to spend money on Airbnb, food, and now we have to think about travel. It now costs over $100 to refill a tank,” Lamas said. “Obviously we are thinking about how much we are going to spend, but we need to enjoy life and be able to travel and not let that kind of thing stop us.”

Kishore Avula, general manager of Neighbors Market and Spirits, says business has been slow lately and blames rising gas prices for the lack of customers.

“Every day we get a new truck, we have to raise prices, lower prices depending on how much I get,” Avula said.

AAA recommends that you always plan ahead before you hit the road and make sure your vehicle is in proper working order – make sure all fluids are filled and tires are inflated to help save fuel.

“If you’re driving to a destination, look around your route and see which gas stations along your route offer cheaper gas,” Vazquez said. “Making sure your car is running at full capacity will actually help improve fuel economy because your car won’t have to work as hard to make it work.”

According to AAA, the peak travel time is from 13:00 to 20:00 on Friday. Monday will be the day with the busiest return traffic as people return home. AAA also predicts that 524,000 residents will fly through the state, up 26% from 2021.

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