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ORLANDO, Florida., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Your Best Ticket Company is pleased to launch a new worldwide ticketing company. YBT as a team has been working on this business venture for about 2 years now.

Celebrated fitness and nutrition expert and bestselling author Obi Obadiek states, “It just made sense to start a company that sells entertainment tickets. Why? Because I have trained some of the most famous celebrities in the world such as Steven A. Smith, Steve Harvey, Morris Chestnut, and many others. And talking to these artists helped me understand the entertainment industry better. Thanks to these connections, it was not difficult to take part in this project.

“The incredible and creative woman who came up with this idea, the founder and CEO of our company,” New York on the basis of a school teacher named Susanna Edewe. I am very pleased to work with her, as well as with our other phenomenal business partners.

“I am not only a managing partner of YBT, but also a representative of the company. You will see me in most marketing ads to promote any entertainment we have to offer.

“Your best ticket will always provide you with the best ticket service for any type of entertainment you are looking for on our site.

“So, if you want to attend a sporting event, enjoy a Broadway or comedy show, or see and listen to your favorite music in concert, then like our pages on Instagram and Facebook, in the “Your Best Ticket” section, or go to www.yourbesticket.com directly for purchases Use promo code MAVERICK for a 5% discount.

Your Best Ticket aims to see a world where we can all enjoy live entertainment together. The stage is yours!

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