World tourism is on the mend, but the Russians are not in the spirit

The global tourist traffic is on the way to recovery, but Russian travelers are out of sorts due to the Russo-Ukrainian war and the effects of the economic situation.

A survey conducted by the European Tourism Commission found that the war between Russia and Ukraine is hindering the desire to travel.

Said al-Batuti, adviser to the World Tourism Organization, said an opinion poll confirmed that 60 percent of Russians polled do not plan to travel outside the Commonwealth countries.

The survey showed that 24 percent of those surveyed do not plan to travel at all, and 13 percent will not travel because they cannot afford it.

Another fundamental aspect that prevents Russians from traveling and may require special attention and management in the future is the fear of anti-Russian sentiment, which was the reason why 10 percent of respondents avoided travel – especially to Europe and America at the moment. .

It’s harder to be a Russian tourist

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s tourism landscape has changed dramatically.

Russian airspace has been closed, national airlines have canceled international flights, and a weak ruble has made travel an expensive business.

Rising costs of living are expected to put more pressure on the purchasing power of Russian travelers.

Batuti explained that the available data show that in the first quarter of 2022, tourist destinations around the world received 117 million tourists, up 182 percent from the same period last year, when the number of tourists was 41 million.

The number of international tourists worldwide this year is expected to reach 55 to 70 percent of 2019 levels.

This depends on various circumstances, including the number of destinations continuing to lift travel restrictions, the possibility of new coronavirus mutations, the evolution of the war in Ukraine, and the economic conditions caused by the war, especially inflation, energy prices and the disruption of global supply chains. resulting in high transport and accommodation costs for the tourism sector.

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