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With electric assistant, cargo, technical or even inclusive… the bike is popular

Do you prefer VAE, VTTAE, VCAE or speedelek? If you’re hesitant about the meaning of the question (no, it’s not about Parcoursup), you don’t speak Cyclist Newspeak. VAE for the electric bike, TT for the all-terrain vehicle, C for cargo and speedelec for the VAE, whose assistance can reach 50 km/h – versus 25 for the classic VAE – (1), the electric fairy has revolutionized the bicycle. sentence.

Jean-Christos Troger, an itinerant veterinarian who has worked in the Paris region for twenty-eight years, knows something about this. Tired of traffic jams and parking headaches, last year he invested in a VCAE (therefore a power-assisted cargo bike) – Riese and Muller “, he wants to clarify. In his box? “Up to a hundred kilograms of equipment: a box for orthopedics, one for cardiac monitoring, in short, everything I need for the operation. » He performs an average of five procedures per day in various clinics in the region: “And I can bike up to Bobigny and Saint-Germain-en-Laye! » Like field veterinarians scurrying from farm to farm, he goes where the animals need him, but without a drop of gas.

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660,000 VAE sold last year

If Dr. Troger is an exception in his profession, he joined the 12,000 French people who bought a cargo bike in 2021, according to the Observatoire du Cycle. This is still too little (in Al

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