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Many go on vacation for the first time in 2-3 years. Whether you are traveling by air or by road, it is important to bring light luggage with you. It is also important to pack enough.

And enough, I’m talking about the things you’ll need to make sure you have enough power to keep all your gadgets charged and ready for sightseeing.

Hotels and condominiums never have enough outlets to charge everything. Phones, laptops, watches, tablets, headphones and everything else. If you haven’t been on the road for days since 2019, chances are you’re packing more gadgets to charge every night. Ha, the first thing my family does in a hotel room is look for an outlet they can claim for a week.

You can turn one outlet into 5 with a portable power strip. You can pack one of the old extension cords often found in the garage. You can also pack an extension cord for travel only. Anker, one of my favorite tech brands, has several portable batteries. They are small enough to toss in a suitcase. With 3 AC outlets, a USB-C port, and two standard USB ports, you won’t need chargers.

Instead of packing separate cables for your devices, consider a 3-in-1 charging cable. You can find them online and in some major retail stores. It’s really brilliant. The cables have a micro-USB connector, but also have 2 Apple Lightning to USB-C cable adapters attached. When you need to charge your device with a different plug, just plug the adapter into the micro-USB. They’re especially handy to toss in your backpack so you always have the right cable when you need it.

You will need a portable charger at some point and there are many brands to choose from. iOttie makes an elegant portable charger that is completely wireless, just place your phone in the charger. Anker has portable power banks for all devices and a new portable battery model that connects to iPhone 12 and up with a magnet so you never have to worry about cables or wires.

One word of caution when buying a portable charger: make sure you have the right cable. Some new chargers only have outputs for USB-C cables. Double check what you are getting.

Vacation photos look better if your phone’s camera is stable. Joby makes a pocket tripod that doesn’t need a mount, just slide your phone into the clips for clear shots. The mini tripod (I’d even call it micro) is tiny, but it does the job perfectly, whether you’re shooting kids by the pool or…


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