Travel and Tourism Director Discusses Yellowstone Flooding and Its Potential Impact on Tourism in Sheridan – Sheridan Media

The director of Sheridan County Travel and Tourism provided Sheridan City Council and Mayor Rich Bridger with an update at a council meeting on Monday evening regarding the recent flooding in Yellowstone National Park. Ron Richter of Sheridan Media has the details.

SCTT director Sean Parker relayed to the board information he received during a conference call with colleagues on Monday. Parker said Yellowstone National Park Director Cam Scholley and members of the Wyoming Tourism Authority were involved in the conversation.

Parker said the areas hardest hit by the flooding will not reopen for some time.

Parker talked about Yellowstone’s potential impact on the tourism industry in Sheridan.

Parker said part of the reason they don’t advertise Sheridan as a stopover to Yellowstone is to isolate the area from things that can’t be controlled, like the flood that hit the park.

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