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Tinder Partners With 1 Young 1 Solution To Help Find Summer Jobs!

Tinder is partnering with the French state to encourage young people to move to the 1 Young 1 Solution platform and take summer jobs.

Dating app Tinder is partnering with the French state to encourage young people to find summer jobs through the 1 Young 1 Solution platform. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

Tinder: Reliable App

Known and used for dating, Tinder is never shy about texting. As a result, the app is known for its engagement. There are many examples.

At the moment, a war is raging between Russia and Ukraine. So, Tinder decided to help the Ukrainian people in their own way. Indeed, Tinder members find many schemes.

For example, in order to counter Russian censorship and reduce the impact of fake news on the war, an Internet user decided to create project Special love operation. is to hide messages in descriptions and even in Russia or Ukraine to communicate with civilians. That’s not all!

The application is also used for welcome ukrainian refugees. Many Internet users use it for harbor civilians in danger. The New York Times relayed this information last March through the testimony of Anastasia and Natalya. Good gesture!

Other reasons are also put forward by Tinder. The app has recently launched campaign for the LGBT+ community as part of Pride Month.

In connection with the association Le Checkpoint Paris, prevention messages, information and tailored care services will be on Tinder until August 31st.

Tinder doesn’t stop there. The latest novelty concerns young people looking for work. Indeed, the application has integrated the site 1 Young 1 Solution. MCE TV will tell you more!

Meetings and more

Now, in addition to perhaps the possibility find the love of your life, You can find jobs on Tinder. Indeed, the app is partnering with the French state to encourage young people to visit the 1 Young 1 Solution website.

The goal is to help young people aged 18 to 25 find summer jobs. Thereby, from June 9 to July 31, several banners will slide between the profiles present on Tinder.

These Swipes Card bring 1 young 1 solution to the site. They allow young people to find internships, summer jobs, training… Too good!

The duration of this campaign does not matter. Indeed, with the advent of summer, companies looking for seasonal work and fight to find it.

“By providing access to the 1jeune1solution site through Tinder, we hope we can help our members access the resources and support they need to apply for their dream summer job. “, explain Benjamin Puigrenier, spokesperson for Tinder France.

“So they can purchase Relevant work experience…

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