This summer Dr. Pepper Park at the Bridges offers a huge amount of entertainment

ROANOK, Virginia. (WDBJ) — “We have a huge lineup for our Flashback Fridays and Flashbacks. tribute series. So we’ve got a lot – rewind – returning tribute artists who did really well the first time they performed at Dr. Pepper. In addition, we have a large line-up for national artists,” says president and owner Dr. Pepper Park at the Bridges Wynette Anderson.

Fans of legendary musicians will love the list of tribute bands including Absolute Queen, Fooz Fighters, Rumors LA and Face 2 Face, tribute artists to Billy Joel and Elton John.

“They’re all important to me because I love tributes as much as I love the originals,” Anderson says.

On Saturday, June 18, original musician Andy Grammer will appear.

“He has a new album out and it’s amazing to see him live. So we’re really looking forward to it and it will happen on the 18th,” Anderson says.

And along with all the great shows, the Wing Fest in Roanoke is back this year.

“Yes, this is our 13th annual, can you believe it? It was so strong. Some festivals come and go. They sort of go their own way, but the wing is king in Roanoke. It is the largest one-day food festival in Roanoke and has been running for 13 years. Of course, this year we have a lot of new suppliers. Of course, many restaurants are keen to go back there and really kick it out of the park. We have many new features and attractions to announce at the Northwest Ace-sponsored Wings Festival,” says Anderson.

For people who may have never been to Dr. Pepper, Anderson has a message for them.

“We’re talking about you? Where have you been? Of course, Roanoker Magazine readers voted us the best place for platinum-level live music, so obviously Roanoke really appreciates what we do. I think the most important thing I say to people when it comes to Dr. Pepper Park, it’s easy to come and try the event, you’ll see that it’s a very social environment. It’s very relaxing to hide there. It is unique in that it is by the river and of course at night you can see our beautiful Mill Mountain Star lit up while your favorite artist is playing, I mean what could be better?”

** One important note: The Outlaws, who were supposed to play Dr. Pepper Park on Friday, June 17 had to be canceled due to a case of COVID in the group.

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