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This new IKEA accessory for under $30 will take your home into the future.

This time around, the new high-tech facility signed by IKEA doesn’t feature a particularly eye-catching design. This can be explained by the fact that the new Sjörmärke wireless charger from the Swedish furniture giant should be hidden. Indeed, this is a small rectangular device that needs to be tucked under a table or shelf (wooden or plastic) to turn its surface into a wireless charging platform thanks to Qi wireless charging technology.


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Relatively easy to install, as shown in the video above, this device can turn your desk, dining table, or nightstand (as long as it’s at least 8mm thick) into a charger for your smartphone or other Qi-compatible wireless charging device. Which, apart from the wow factor when you casually put your laptop down and it starts charging like magic, saves you the hassle of looking for a power cable and plugging it into your device. Admittedly, this still doesn’t necessarily rule out having cables in your interior, but saving a few more gestures a day is always a must for the laziest of us.

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