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This 9 container house is a true work of art!

In the category of container houses, we found a kind of UFO, a work of art in itself so original, asymmetrical and even a little scary that we must admit … This house is located at 1369 Prince Road. , in the city of St. Augustine in Florida (USA). In 2017, Hurricane Irma uprooted an oak tree in this exact location, leveling the owner’s home. The latter, owning an art gallery and the artist himself, decided to rebuild everything in his own way. After three years of work, nine shipping containers and a lot of imagination, the house has become a PRCH for Prince Road Container House and attracts many curious people every day. Presentation.

Exterior view of this amazing home

The owner is called Rob DePiazzaHe is originally from Los Angeles. He got help from an architect Stephen Bender. This house is different because it was built based on nine shipping containers. Six of them form the living quarters of the house, two are devoted to the workshop/garage, and the last one has no residential function: it is simply balanced as an architectural element, and the effect is magnificent! It is this central element of the house that is a real work of art, since it was painted by the Spanish artist Canet. He painted his image on this vessel the fateful day when Hurricane Irma destroyed everything. The hurricane appears there as a pink-haired, blindfolded figure flying over the house! Pretty psychedelic painting work, which undoubtedly gives a crazy charm to this structure.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

And how is it inside?

Let’s say an outside mural is like a taste of what can be found inside… Walls covered in art, 1950s furniture, jukeboxes, or even old cathode ray tube from the 50s like a TV. Incredible lamps and knick-knacks, one crazier than the other, accompany daytime visitors! It may be made from containers, but its crazy side reminds us of a horse postman’s house.

Rent, but at what price?

If your next trip takes you to Florida, you can already book PRCH on AirBnb. However, you will need rent for two nights minimum and it will cost you nothing 1252€ cleaning costs, including files and services… Such an artist’s house, completely personalized, obviously pays for itself! But don’t worry, you’ll still have all the modern conveniences despite its very vintage look, you’ll also find a Sony Bravia 4k 65″ OLED TV with Bose sound, a fitted kitchen. like in a star restaurantand from…

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