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The Woman Who Was Raped, Hanged, Then Resuscitated, or The Birth of Neurology – Liberation

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In a disturbing book on death and brain transplants, academic Stéphane Charpier reveals the underside of science, neuroscience, whose origins date back to the story of the sexually harassed maid.

book author resurrection science, Stéphane Charpier, professor of neurology at the Sorbonne and researcher specializing in deciphering brain waves, paints a bizarre and unsettling fresco of the scientific quest being carried out at the gates of death, even… even beyond what we think might be wrong. , as a terminal state. Stephan Charpier himself suffered a stroke in 2008. He barely survives. Having barely escaped death, he fell in love with these borderline states, the ambiguous, fuzzy, insoluble nature of which he reveals in his book. How to know if someone has died?

This question, which affects much of the research being done in neuroscience, goes back to the very beginnings of the science. Neurology was indeed born out of the macabre news, the story of the moving female corpse. As Charpier tells in the first chapter of his book, this news is confirmed. This refers to the winter of 1650. “Anne Green worked as a maid in a noble country house in the Oxford countryside and was about twenty-two years old” He wrote. She looked like a strong woman. The grandson of his employer flirted with him, accompanying him with beautiful promises. His name was Geoffrey Reid and he was about 17 years old.

Sexual “harassment” in the 17th century

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