The Sumner Tunnel will be open this weekend for June travel.


The tunnel will be closed for construction almost all weekend for the next 35 weeks.

The entrance to the Sumner Tunnel in East Boston on June 10, 2022. Carlin Steele for The Boston Globe

Despite plans to the contrary, the Sumner Tunnel will be open to traffic this weekend, according to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). announced on twitter Thursday.

MassDOT has clarified that the tunnel will be open for travel on the June 19 holiday weekend. June 19 – Sunday, June 19, but as a result, Monday, June 20, many have a day off. MassDOT said the tunnel’s turning lane will open at 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, June 21st.

MassDOT planned to close the tunnel leading to East Boston and Logan Airport this weekend as part of its restoration project, which will repair the overhead arch, overhaul the deteriorating road surface, and install new lights.

The plan was to close the tunnel every weekend for 36 weeks to allow construction of the 88-year-old tunnel, excluding holiday weekends, as the tunnel is the most direct vehicular route to Logan Airport.

Ultimately, the project will require the tunnel to be closed seven days a week starting in May 2023 and ending in September 2023.

On most weekends, the tunnel closes from 11:00 pm Friday to 5:00 pm Monday.

Last weekend was the first weekend the tunnel was closed, and it’s no surprise that it caused a lot of problems for food delivery drivers, taxi drivers and users, and people flying in and out of Logan Airport.

It is reported by Boston 25 News. Charlie Baker defended the closure of the Sumner Tunnel after last weekend’s frenzy.

“The Sumner Tunnel is going to be a pretty long and extensive project because nobody has done anything about it for a very long period of time,” Baker said Tuesday.

“We’ve been talking to the city all the time, we’ve been talking to people in East Boston, we’ve been talking to people on the city side of the tunnel, and to the extent that we can make adjustments to deal with some of the traffic disruption issues, we will. But the work must be done.”

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