The minister stressed the growth of cruise tourism

Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, in an interview with Skai TV on Monday, mentioned the dynamic performance of the cruise sector.

Almost 450 cruise ships are expected to arrive in Rhodes, which is a destination for 12 months, while Mykonos has an absolute record and the number of cruise ships due to arrive in Kavala Port is currently 36, according to the minister. compared to three last year.

In the port of Piraeus, where arrivals began in March, earlier than in any other year, the growth was 130%.

Kikilias underlined the particularly impressive data for the port of Thessaloniki: the number of arrivals is almost four times higher than last year.

“Greece is the fifth tourism brand in the world. And this did not happen by chance. We traveled the world and made deals with major tour operators, major travel companies, cruise companies. Why? Because, as I have repeatedly stressed, tourism in our country is a national economy. The money from our tourism product comes directly and flows to an average Greek company, to an average Greek family, without intermediaries,” the Minister of Tourism emphasized.


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