The airline lost my luggage, won’t cover the cost

DEAR TRAVEL TROUBLESHOOTER: Last fall, my wife and I traveled around Eastern Europe on a river cruise. We missed our connection in London due to a flight delay. Our airline redirected us to Paris and Prague with the last leg to CSA Czech Airlines.

Christopher Elliott, Travel Troubleshooter

Our luggage did not arrive with us. We immediately filed a lost luggage report at the Prague airport. When the luggage still hadn’t arrived the next day and there was no word on when or if it would be, we went shopping for clothes and toiletries. The luggage finally arrived late that night.

After the trip, we filed a claim for reimbursement with Czech Airlines, as they were the ones who delayed our luggage. I applied using their online form. I received an immediate ready response that they will process our application as soon as possible.

When I didn’t hear anything for three weeks, I continued by using their online form again. I got the same ready answer. After waiting for almost three more weeks with no response, I sent an email to their call center explaining the situation and inquiring about the status of my claim. (I got an email address from your site.)

The airline representative said that the wait time was longer than usual, but promised to contact me as soon as possible. This was four months ago. I just wish Czech Airlines looked into the claim and decided they were going to refund.

— Dick Helms, Tucson, Arizona

REPLY: As promised, CSA Czech Airlines should have processed your application promptly. High traffic and call volume is one thing, but airlines can’t use that excuse for months. Your claim simply failed, and the airline covered up its incompetence with forms.

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