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NEW YORK (AP) — Fans outside New York’s Beacon Theater cheered Taylor Swift on before she arrived, singing her songs before she took the stage.

That energy continued throughout her stop at the 21st Tribeca Festival on Saturday, where Swift discussed moving into the director’s chair, the nuances of visual storytelling, and the possibility of future film projects with Go Go Writer/Director Mike Mills. mon” and “Women of the 20th Century” before surprising fans with special guests and an acoustic performance.

It wasn’t Swift’s first time on stage at a film festival — her Netflix documentary Miss Americana premiered at the 2020 Sundance — but it was her first time as a director. And when Swift and Mills compared and analyzed their processes, it became clear that this was an honor she did not take lightly.

“I always thought other people did it,” Swift said of the direction. While filming and filming music videos, “the lists of things I ate became so long that in the end, I thought I really wanted to do this.”

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Her 13-minute film Everything Too Good: A Short Film was the result of this learning process. Released in November alongside her latest re-recorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version), the video put images and a fictional story into an extended version of “All Too Well,” a fan-favorite from her 2012 album, Red. The video has received over 67 million views on YouTube since its release.

In the film, Swift said she hopes to explore girlhood through the lens of someone who is curious and mature but who finds herself at odds in a relationship. It is a feeling that she says is close to her, and which she compared to diving into the ocean. “It’s so much fun, the idea of ​​going so deep that your feet don’t touch the ground, but you can get carried away.”

She wanted people to feel that tension as they watched the couple at the center of the film. “I wanted to make it seem like their coming together was inevitable, and their breakup was just as inevitable,” Swift said. “They couldn’t stop themselves from colliding, and they couldn’t stop themselves from being taken apart.”

Actors Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien were Swift’s vessels to bring this vision to life. Focusing on filmmaking details, Swift explained why she was looking for Sink and O’Brien precisely because of their roles and the conversations they shared while creating the characters. Mills and Swift noted that it was a process that both mirrored and differed from the songwriting process.

Sink and O’Brien surprised the audience halfway through by joining Swift and Mills on stage, focusing on their characters’ motivations and how Swift directed them, depicting tensions at the center of the film.

“There was no set script or movement to follow, so there was so much freedom and I think that’s why we got these real moments,” Sink said.

“She has these innate qualities of a director,” O’Brien said. “The trust, her ability to make decisions, her confidence.”

Swift is one of several speakers at the Tribeca Festival and makes films from the world of music. The festival opened with Netflix’s “Halftime,” an intimate documentary about Jennifer Lopez in the year she turned 50, co-headlining the Super Bowl. Swift’s speech was one of the few public appearances she’s made this year, most recently her acceptance address at NYU’s 2022 prom – a speech that Mills said could be used as a letter to an aspiring filmmaker. Swift.

“In your life – your life as a film director – you will inevitably slip, trust the wrong people, underreact, overreact…. and I’m not going to lie, these mistakes will cause you to lose something,” he read, verbally annotating Swift’s speech. “What a beautiful thing to say.”

While acknowledging her privilege as a director with an existing platform and the ability to fund her own projects, Swift said the idea of ​​losing things goes back to what catalyzed this film in the first place, the re-recording process of her albums, which began because she couldn’t own your master recordings. “I think when I talked about losing things, it didn’t just mean loss,” she said.

When asked about future directing projects, Swift didn’t rule out making a feature film, but said she didn’t necessarily want the scale of her next film project to be much larger than this.

“I would love to,” she said. “It would be so great to write and stage something.”

Closing the event, she didn’t stray from her roots, grabbing a red guitar for an acoustic performance of the extended “All Too Well” punctuated by audience applause, cheers and loud shouts.

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