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Swarovski and Rosenthal bring glamorous kitsch with their tableware collection

Candy pink, pastel green or sky blue tents, sparkling decorations among whimsical candles, flowers, cakes and other intriguing items.… a tea party hosted by Swarovski in the luxurious Casa degli Atellani during the Milan International Furniture Fair will make the mad hatter blush from Alice in Wonderland. On this occasion, the Austrian house presented its first tableware collection in collaboration with the world-renowned porcelain house Rosenthal. After the Italian house of Versace, it was Swarovski’s turn to collaborate with porcelain makers who, since 1879, have been developing collections that are as refined as they are maximalist.

Giovanna Engelbert at the Swarovski Tea Party

Giovanna Engelbert at the Swarovski Tea Party

Designed by Giovanna Engelbert, artistic director of the Austrian House for two years, the collection, from pink to blue through green and yellow, puts the art of the crystal table in the spotlight in its own vibrant style. Tea, espresso and table setting are truly part of the same wonderful world that inspired the first two collections of Swarovski jewelry: “NOour world of wonders: from the muses of the bohemian movement to the aesthetics of the Bauhaus and the greenery of Klimt’s landscapesGiovanna Engelbert explained, inspired by her second jewelry collection.

Assumed kitsch, glamour, and a whimsical aesthetic that doesn’t detract from the attention to detail that both houses are known for.. In this way, the colors of the Swarovski house are captured in gold-plated and hand-drawn graphic designs, a detail that indicates Swarovski’s know-how in jewelry design and creation. In this captivating collection, the two century-old houses of Rosenthal and Swarovski brilliantly underline the concepts of innovation and heritage.

The Rosenthal x Swarovski collection will be available online in June and in stores in July 2022.


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