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Steven “tWitch” Boss makes a homely appearance, handing out tips and critiques for the speech. So you think you can dance. Of course, he brings a wealth of dance experience and show history to the role, but he honed other skills while hosting the show. The Ellen DeGeneres Showwhich recently concluded after 19 seasons.

The boss spoke to TV Insider after taping an “absolutely incredible” episode last night that saw all 12 members make it to the next week. (What better way to celebrate SYTYCD300th part?) “I met Ellen while filming this show. I became a DJ Ellenand later I became co-executive producer. Then I started guest hosting. This resulted in 38 guest hosted shows. I won’t lie – I fell in love with him.”

Given his experience in Ellen both behind and in front of the camera, wouldn’t The Boss being the host of his own show be, well, “the boss”? Agents have to call, right? “We’ll see. I don’t like to jinx it,” he counters, adding with a smile, “but we’re on the same wavelength.”

Meanwhile the Boss is celebrating SYTYCD300th episode and his return after being away for several years due to COVID-19. “We needed it,” he says enthusiastically. “Dance has the power to heal, inspire and celebrate. I think today’s episode really showed that. Yes, it’s a competition, but we were celebrating the craft we love so much.”

The edited packages showed that the judges were pretty quick to determine if the dancer was going home. However, the boss wants SYTYCD fans should know that the real disappointments weren’t so sudden. In the coming weeks, viewers will have more time to see how much the judges support the contestants, he said.

“Here’s the thing,” Boss points out. “Jojo [Swisher] and i’ve been through [competition shows]. She was on Dancing with the Starsand I went through this show. We would never say anything harshly to the dancers now that we are sitting on a panel where we have to break the news of progress or not. We always support and share what dancers can take with them into the future.”

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