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She buys an old mobile home for less than 300 euros and transforms it into an incredible (cozy) mobile home.

Many tenants tell themselves that the price of their rent is hitting their budget hard! When you’re a landlord, you tell yourself that one day the house or apartment will be yours, but sometimes when you’re a tenant, the rent seems to go up in smoke. Some then decide to give up everything to live a minimalist life without rent. This is the case of Hannah, an American woman who lived with a roommate and was tired of paying exorbitant rent every month. She drops everything, buys a very old motorhome for less than 300 euros, renovates it and now lives in her pretty motorhome. Presentation.

Hanna’s debut…

Hannah’s vintage trailer is from 1985, and when she buys it, she knows that the next few months are going to be tough because everything has to be redone, or rather, everything has to be created, everything has to be reinvented… The motor home itself was in pretty good shape. , but inside it had to be stripped naked so that it could become a small house. She then invests $9,000. and refers to the TV show Tiny House Giant Journey, which features the refurbishment of many tiny houses.

Photo credit: Tiny House Giant Journey (YouTube screenshot)

Three months of renovation…

It will take a young woman three months with the help of her boyfriend to repair this trailer, which didn’t look good at first. Since then, she lives there with her lover and their dog. installed in one of California state parks for which she works.

Mobile home before renovation
Photo credit: Tiny House Giant Journey (YouTube screenshot)

His small trailer costs him only $39 a month in rent and electricity bills. To furnish her home, Hannah staked everything on opportunity and recovery. Not only did his budget prevent him from investing in new, but restoration of old furniture fully comply with its environmental values.

A little tour inside?

There’s obviously not much room in this little trailer, but Hannah did her best to save space. His bed, for example, is stored under the floor during the day, disappearing from the room and freeing up the kitchen he’s in at night… Of course, that means being organized and making his bed every morning! To save energy, she also added insulated shutters that allow temperature control inside a mobile home. Hanna likes the vintage finishes and red brick, but the material is too heavy for a mobile home, so she opted for wood paneling decorated with imitation brick.

Mobile home interior with its owner
Photo credit: Tiny House Giant Journey (YouTube screenshot)
mobile home kitchen
Photo credit: Tiny House Giant Journey (YouTube screenshot)

The kitchen is equipped as…

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