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Shana Ayach (CEO of Sana Oris): “We are revolutionizing access to dental care”

The idea is simple: to unite all dental specialties in one office. This is actually a small revolution in a very fragmented sector. Shana Ayach accepts this challenge at the head of Sana Oris. Explanations.

What is the principle of Sana Oris? Introduce the company in a few words.

Shana Ayach: Sana Oris, “ healthy mouth in Latin, it is a clinic in which the various specialties of dentistry are grouped in one place, organized as a three-stage course “Prevent, cure, smile” in order to preserve the mouth as a whole (gums, teeth and smile).

We have noticed that the course of treatment within the traditional practice is often intermittent, with a lot of time and energy wasted for the patient between visits, the patient having to go to different places to get x-rays or to be treated by a specialist. Therefore, we decided to create a place where every practitioner could work in their chosen field both liberally but together.

In fact, our goal is to be the third way, liberal, in front of individual liberal practitioners and in front of dental centers offering care.”budgetary“.

How did this idea come about?

The recent emergence of dental centers has opened up a dual market opportunity. First, they found that the model of the liberal practitioner practicing alone is no longer attractive, especially to young practitioners who are increasingly turning to dental centers that offer turnkey solutions.

It becomes very difficult and expensive to settle in a closet. Equipment has evolved, and the technology required represents an investment that is almost beyond the reach of the practitioner installing it alone. But they also identified the need for quality dental care provided by practitioners with experience and knowledge. The origin and quality of the material are essential for sustainable dental care. A properly placed implant and crown, made in the best laboratories, can last a lifetime.

In a context where healthcare scandals were becoming more and more numerous, we also wanted to put the medical responsibility of the medical practitioner at the center of the treatment process. The aim is to return the sovereignty of medical decisions to the dentist in order to better involve him in the treatment plan; all for more ethical and patient-friendly medicine. These are elements that have seemed obvious to me in conversations with a large number of dentists of all ages.

What are the short term goals of Sana Oris?

We want to breathe new life into the liberal world. 80% of dentists…

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