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Use the right beauty gestures

Start carefully with POLENIA Lotion An eco-certified product that tones and stimulates your skin with its formula of royal jelly, rose water and cucumber. (200ml – 15.90€)

We advise you to apply lotion with Eco beauty test consists of 3 reusable cotton pads from the brand Emma’s Trends. Discover 3 materials (bamboo, eucalyptus and organic cotton) to test and find the one that works best for your skin. (5€)

In facial care, apply Intense Concentrated Serum – Comfort H24 certified organic product from Miss Organic. It satisfies the needs of thirsty skin in search of nourishment. Moisturizes, nourishes, soothes and protects the skin for 24 hours. It is suitable for sensitive skin. (27ml – 30ml)

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with Popular Workshop as well as Forgotten greenhouse, a cold saponified soap certified organic and handcrafted in a Parisian factory. Relax with its 100% natural orange blossom scent. (€6.90)

The final touch: be green to the bone! Brand MANICURIST offers his Green varnish organic, cruelty free and vegan old rose color. Also discover their range of semi-permanent Green Flash for long lasting hold. (15ml – 14€)

To remove varnish, use Set of 4 solvents Ki C Ki brand Emma’s Trends and don’t throw cotton! (€5.90)

Use the right gestures in the kitchen

To start the year off right with a healthy diet, sprout seeds with BIVITA germinator from GEFU and a mixture of organic seeds, observing their development daily. (red or blue randomly distributed – 120g – €29.90)

Use daily bottle of water DAILY from GASPIO, your bottle is plastic-free, odorless, leak-free, for (re-)use without moderation! (330ml – 17.90€)

Filter water with Binchotan Cole from BIJIN, 100% natural water filter made from eucalyptus wood. ORGANIC (7€)

We end the day with a detox moment with KUSMI TEA and his iconic organic blend of green tea, mate and lemongrass. (€15.90)

Finally, follow the right gestures at home

DAPPI invites you to make your home shine with its refill cardboard boxes natural and effective with lemon and bergamot, lemon verbena and eucalyptus. Each eco-certified box can be diluted with 450 ml of water, which is enough to save you money! (3×50 g – €11.40)

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You can find it in limited edition at Sotrendoo, Marie Claire’s online store.

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