Pete Doherty and Kate Moss’ Romance ‘Never Was Sustainable’ | Entertainment

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss were “not quite compatible”.

The music star, 43, and Kate, 48, have been dating for years, but Pete admits their high-profile romance has never been “sustainable.”

Pete, who struggled with drug addiction during their relationship, shared, “There really wasn’t one particular incident that ended the relationship. After all, our worlds weren’t really compatible. There were all kinds of incidents.

“She had this panic button near her bed and a panic button in the kitchen. Once, when she was away somewhere and I was clambering down the edge of the bed, probably due to a fallen rock, I accidentally pressed the panic button and 12 armed policemen found themselves at the cottage in St. John’s Wood.

“She was very unhappy with such things. In fact, this relationship has become an ongoing battle. All these years they have always been the same: highs, and then crushing, brutal falls. It wasn’t sustainable.”

Pete admits that the “destructive” nature of their romance had a very negative impact on his life.

The music star admitted that she became “nasty” towards the end of their life together.

In his new memoir, The Likely Guy, which was excerpted in The Guardian, Pete explains: “I’m actually pretty fragile inside. eventually wears you down and makes you nasty.”

Despite this, Pete insisted that he once “really loved” the catwalk star.

He said, “We were drawn to each other. I really loved her and I knew she loved me – it was just all this mess between us, with all her chaos and my chaos.”


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