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Original miniature house with original hanging bed and folding porch

By practicing the profession of an architect and being at the same time a house builder, one can design quite original houses. Greg Parham and his wife built an adorable tiny house with their own original features! When we think of tiny houses, we often think of ecology, self-sufficiency, dry toilets, etc. e. However, this couple did not want to it is not necessary to live in an ecological house, or energy efficient, they just wanted less space without compromising their everyday comfort. For them, that meant rethinking their habits and surrounding themselves with only the essentials! Apparently they’re aiming for a pull-out bed and a fold-out porch! Opening!

tiny house Greg Parham

A man builds mini-houses through his company Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, which means he knows tiny houses by heart! From adolescence, the man was interested in construction and architecture. So it is almost natural that he first became an architect, and then a builder! The Colorado-based company offers many models of tiny houses, but its dream was build your own tiny house ! Greg’s tiny house was built in the foothills of the majestic San Juan Mountains in Durango. It measures 8 meters long and 5 meters wide and can accommodate him with his wife Stephanie and their two faithful furry companions!

Photo credit: Tiny houses of the Rocky Mountains.
Photo credit: Tiny houses of the Rocky Mountains.

Tiny house exterior

Outside this tiny house we find a mixture of wood similar to that found in barns, corrugated iron and cedar. The roof, which can almost be called a “curve”, and wooden slats laid in an arc, give it a very original appearance. Most of the materials used for the exterior are either reclaimed or structurally insulated panels (SIP). A feature of the exterior is the presence of a small folding entrance porch covered with solar panels. Thus, the occupants lay or stack it according to their external and electrical needs. It spans the front door and front window, creating a tiny terrace for reading in the sun or having tea in the shade!

Tiny house interior Greg and Stephanie

This tiny house is off-grid, which means the electricity inside needs to be used sparingly. To save space, the owners came up with hanging bed, which is fixed with chains, which descends and rises, freeing up space in the living room. Bed chains from old garage doors! Thus, the bedroom or living room, depending on the time of day, is always bathed…

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