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On the way to massive easyJet flight cancellations this summer?

Pilots are particularly concerned about the lack of staff, “mainly among stewardesses and stewardesses and a little among captains,” said the company’s National Union of Line Pilots (SNPL) president Arnaud Wiplier.

The letter, released by British media outlet Inews, was sent on Monday 6 June to warn management, who, according to Arnaud Wiplier, “gives the impression that they have not grasped the magnitude of the problem.”

“If we can’t be sustainable over the three days of the weekend, can we be sustainable in the summer?” he asks.

The company is “less prepared than in other years” and forced to cancel flights on a scale “unseen in ten years,” worries Arnaud Viplier. Dozens of flights are canceled every week in France, he said.

The disruptions already noted at some European airports due to staff shortages “will peak this summer” and risk making things even harder for easyJet teams, he says.

According to SNPL, the company planned to hire 100 hostesses and stewards in France, but “it takes time to recruit and train these people,” the union says.

If easyJet “continues to operate up to 1,700 flights and carry 250,000 travelers every day,” the company admits it is facing “difficult operating conditions that have led to the cancellation of a small portion of flights.” [ses] flying”.

In response to AFP, she assures us that we will be in constant dialogue with the unions and that she will “respond directly to the SNPL” on the issues raised in their letter.

Arnaud Whiplier also regrets the reduction due to Covid-19 of the teams in charge of planning and monitoring operations based at Luton Airport near London.

“If there is a sick person, there will only be one to check the legitimacy of the schedule for the next day across Europe, so we have cancellations that are made late because we realize too late that the crew is no more,” describes the representative of the union. .

The pilots are proposing to build extensions to this operations center because “we have found that in Luton they cannot manage the network.”

Finally, in their letter, the pilots are concerned about the use of subcontractor SmartLynx, a specialist in crewed flight leasing, very poorly rated by the ECA, an organization representing European pilots.

“We ask the company to ensure that the working conditions of the pilots allow them to fly in complete safety,” emphasizes Arnaud Wiplier, who deplores the use of “freelance easyJet pilots, car entrepreneurs like Uber.”


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