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On the commuter train, between work and home

“IAre they not here, my friends? » In the dining car, Bahra, 43, who works for an insurance company in Paris-La Défense, is disappointed: “They should have taken 6:28 p.m.… When you live in Reims, you are spoiled for choice. Chalonne like me is not so lucky: TGV in the morning, TGV in the evening and that’s it! This is normal for me, it pretty much fits my schedule. You just have to not miss it, otherwise it’s TER, longer and much less comfortable! »

This mother of three has been traveling between Châlons-en-Champagne (Marne) and Paris for nineteen years. The arrival of the TGV in 2007 gave it “changed life”. As a “former” user, she enjoys a favorable rate. “I am one of the historical subscribers. When the high speed line…

Mathilde MAZARS/REA FOR LE POINT (x2) – Michel Gaillard/REA FOR LE POINT – Hervé RONNE/REA FOR LE POINT (x2)

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