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Nidus Dove, self-contained, modular, prefabricated, cozy and sustainable tiny house.

Buying a house is the dream of many people, but sometimes this purchase becomes a burden. Mortgages, jobs, property taxes, etc. All of these downsides and the rising cost of living mean that future owners are increasingly turning to alternative habitats. The Romanian company has made the home without burdens its leitmotif. In Nidus Home, the house must be in harmony with nature and with the inhabitants. And that’s what all future tiny house owners are looking for! With Nidus Dove, the company intends to respect its values ​​and offers a 16m² tiny home that combines comfort, functionality and affordability. Presentation.

Discovery of the dove Nidus

The presented Nidus Dove is surrounded by a large terrace of 6.9 m², on which the trailer and wheels are removed. Inside there is a small fitted kitchen with shelves, a sink and a large window that lets in light. The bedroom is quite spacious and can accommodate a double bed. In a small house, there seems to be no mezzanine, so all rooms are concentrated on the ground floor. However, the mockups have been specifically designed so that the small surface area is not inconvenient. There is another model in the catalog, Nidus Condor, a house that can be built from modules, that fit together like LEGO.

Photo Credit: Nidus Home

Nidus Dove, specifications

With a total area of ​​24.11 m² and a usable area of ​​16.21 m², it has a bedroom/living room of 7.4 m², a kitchen of 2.68 m², a bathroom of 3.45 m², a veranda of 2.68 m² and a terrace. 6.9 m². Its foundations are made of metal pillars, wooden facade and a metal coated lid. All interior decoration is made of wood.

  • Modular wooden frame TRAROM with TERMOPAIE insulation 26 cm (straw)
  • Durable woodgrain exterior finish (smooth, heat treated or carbonized)
  • Charred Wooden Facade (Shou Sugi Ban)
  • External doors and windows: Triple glazing, PVC, aluminum or wood frame (option: skylight)
  • wooden flooring

Possible options

The basic version can be equipped with several options and is therefore supplied turnkey…

  • Installation of all household appliances
  • Complete interior layout
  • Plumbing provided.
  • Heat recovery ventilation system
  • Decentralized system – air is drawn from the bathroom and kitchen and supplied to the living room/bedroom.
  • Safe electrical system
  • plumbing system
  • Photovoltaic system 1.5 / 3 / 5 kW from the grid for electricity
  • Flame heating (wood stove)
  • Wastewater septic tank
Tiny House Nidus House Inside
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