New Tourism Master Plans Launch for Bantayan and Camotes Islands

This is one of the beaches on Bantayan Island in this 2019 photo. From 2014 to 2018, the island’s beaches attracted more than 200,000 tourists, according to the Department of Tourism. | CDN Digital photo from file (Immae Lachica)

CEBU, Philippines – The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) and Office of the Assistant to the President for Visayas (OPAV) are preparing to launch the recently completed Tourism Development Plans for Bantayan and Camotes Islands, Cebu’s two largest islands. popular tourist destinations.

OPAV Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino said in a statement on Monday, May 30, that these “two-year” tourism master plans will be the legacy of the outgoing Duterte administration, which was due to expire this June.

Dino expressed his gratitude to TIEZA for funding the creation of these Tourism Development Plans, which were initiated by OPAV.

“OPAV initiated this project and we are grateful to TIEZA for heeding our call and taking part in funding the creation of these tourism development plans,” said Dino.

The OPAV secretary said that tourism is critical to Cebu because it is one of the main engines of its economy.

He said that having these well-designed and well-documented tourism development plans would greatly help Cebu to further develop the tourism potential of the Camotes and Bantayan Islands.

OPAV has pushed for a master plan for Cebu’s main tourist destinations so they don’t experience what Boracay Island went through when it had to be closed for rehabilitation.

“President Duterte has always promoted tourism in the country and carried out historical rehabilitation to preserve it, we are indebted to him and we are always grateful to the Visayas for these initiatives,” Dino said.

Bantayan Development Plans, Camotes

OPAV also stated that the comprehensive plans are focused into the various concept plans for the development of Bantayan and Camotes, especially for each proposed tourism development zone on these islands.

The Master Plan also strictly mandates a proposed exclusion zone of 25 + 5 meters for Bantayan and Camotes, similar to the recently introduced easement for Boracay Island.

The 25-meter easements from the mid-tide mark will serve as a rescue zone, and the 5-meter ones will become the main trail along the entire length of the beach area.

OPAV reported that Bantayan’s master plan, among other things, proposed that land on the slopes be limited to one hectare in order to minimize building density.

The 30m easement from the edge of the cliff will be a public open space; this open space, according to OPAV, will consist of connecting walkways, mobile shopping kiosks, observation decks, landscaping, activity areas and cliff diving opportunities.

This is a cliff diving spot at one of the Bantayan Island resorts in this 2021 photo. | PHOTOGRAPHY (Photo courtesy of Ar-Art)

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