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originally published: 21.06.2022

Singer/songwriter Montclair Jason Didner is about to release a compilation of his most quintessential Jersey music from over 25 years of his songwriting and performance. It’s a Jersey thing will include his rock songs from Jersey for adults and children.

The title track is a recently re-recorded song “You Can’t Get There from Here in Jersey”. In 2001, the song debuted on National Public Radio’s Car Talk program (Jason wrote the song specifically for the show). “I felt the need to use the improved home recording technology available and my growing multi-instrument skills to fully realize the song’s potential to meet today’s streaming standards,” Jason explained.

The song has an official video, created in collaboration with his father Bob, who provided footage from the roadway with traffic stabilization used to illustrate comical complaints in the lyrics about jar handles in New Jersey, traffic jams, hard-to-reach and distant highway exits, and more. .

It’s a Jersey thing will also highlight Jason’s career writing Jersey rock songs for children and their adults. “Jersey Dinosaurs” and “Summer Santa” serve as an E Street style aid to the Jersey Shore sound, describing the “knitted attitude” of hadrosaur, a dinosaur first discovered near Turnpike Exit 4 in Haddonfield. In “Summertime Santa” we find the legendary gift giver spending the summer – where else? – but on the beach they serve ice cream on the promenade!

The album traces back to the 1996 studio recording Cubicle, Jason’s comedic ode to an entry-level white-collar job written shortly after graduating from college during the recession on the Jersey side. “Jackals on the Hunt” is Jason’s sports anthem for the New Jersey Jackals, first recorded to help the Parents Who Swing charity fundraiser at a Jackals baseball game.

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“Salt and Sand”, one of Jason’s most sincere and anthemic offerings, the title track of his previous album, appears on the new collection thanks to images of the Jersey coast and highways and use of the sound of the Jersey coast.

Also included is Jason’s acoustic cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” and a live acoustic recording of “You Can’t Get There From Here in Jersey” which really highlights the audience’s reaction to the song’s humor.

It’s a Jersey thing will be released on Friday, July 15 on all music streaming platforms and on Bandcamp, where the album and digital collection of songs will be available for purchase.

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