Nathaniel Hackett isn’t bothered by Russell Wilson’s travel schedule, which doesn’t allow him to learn to attack.

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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who was full-time offseason in Denver, is full-time doing other things when it’s not time to go to work. Does coach Nathaniel Hackett worry about Wilson’s ability to balance his work life with a very active life outside of work?

“When it first started,” Hackett told reporters on Monday, “you were like, ‘Wow, can you bring this stuff up? Will we be able to control the offense the way we want? But he does a great job of surrounding himself with great people to help him, so he can still do all those things and still focus solely on football. Incredible to watch. Every second that he has, he works non-stop. If he is on a plane, he watches a movie, studies, calls people and calls me. This is what you appreciate. All professionals and do everything in their own way. Some people are here and they might not want to work as hard as he does when he leaves. Everyone is different and he does a fantastic job of learning everything.”

Wilson got what he wanted; he is with a team that will build an offense around him. And now he needs to show that he can do it. This will take time and effort. Even with many other interests, he does what he has to do to achieve it.

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