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DAVID BOUDER, AP Media Correspondent

NEW YORK (AP) — MSNBC bolstered its primetime lineup Monday, appointing Alex Wagner to fill Rachel Maddow’s time slot four nights a week, Tuesday through Friday.

Wagner, who has worked at CBS News as a co-host of Showtime’s Circus and as an editor at The Atlantic, is her second time at MSNBC. She joined MSNBC in February after hosting a show on the network a decade ago.

Maddow will continue to operate at 9 p.m. ET on Monday nights, according to MSNBC.

“I am honored to host a key hour on television at such a critical time for American democracy,” Wagner said.

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This is an important step for the liberal-minded news network and its president, Rashida Jones. Maddow was MSNBC’s most followed personality, and her decision earlier this year to drop the late night show that had been a staple of the network’s schedule was a blow.

Since she only switched to her schedule on Monday, the hour was filled with subscriptions, but the late night show kept her name. Sometimes, during big news weeks, Maddow would appear more often on the air.

A first-generation Asian American whose mother emigrated to the US from Myanmar, Wagner wrote a book about her experience, FutureFace: A Family Secret, an Epic Quest, and the Secret of Belonging.

In addition to The Atlantic, she has also been an economics reporter for HuffPost and a White House correspondent for AOL’s Politics Daily. She was editor-in-chief of the culture-focused magazine The Fader and executive director of a human rights organization dedicated to stopping mass atrocities.

“Her unique perspective, based on over twenty years of journalism experience, and persistent reporting in the U.S. and abroad will help our audiences contextualize what matters,” Jones said.

The premiere of the new Wagner performance will take place in August. 16. The ongoing rotation of anchors will fill up at 21:00 until then.

Meanwhile, CNN is still looking to regularly fill its 9 p.m. ET slot following the firing of Chris Cuomo.

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