Mokulele eyeing plans to build an electric marine glider for Interisland Travel

Mokulele Airlines wants to launch a new form of inter-island travel in the form of sleek electric hang gliders.

The local airline said in a press release on Monday that it is partnering with REGENT, a Boston-based company that builds aircraft, and Pacific Currents, a subsidiary of Hawaiian Electric, to conduct a study to develop an all-electric fleet of aircraft. Earth.

Planes will be able to land, take off and glide through the water.

Futuristic planes will be able to accommodate 12 passengers, and will also be used to transport goods. Mokulele wants to launch a new fleet sometime in 2025.

“The REGENT marine glider is a game changer for the state of Hawaii,” said Stan Little, CEO of Mokulele, in a press release. “Not only can this vehicle help the government achieve its sustainability and resiliency goals faster, it will also allow our airline to offer new services that are not available today.”

A jointly funded feasibility study that will focus on the economic, environmental, and societal benefits of introducing marine gliders for inter-island and intra-island travel in the state of Hawaii.

“We recognize that Hawaii is a special place with a sacred culture, vulnerable ecological ecosystems and unrivaled biodiversity,” said Billy Thalheimer, CEO and co-founder of REGENT. “The feasibility study confirms our commitment to engaging with local communities, civil society organizations and all relevant private and public sector leaders to understand how marine gliders can help improve the daily lives of residents. We are thrilled and proud to be part of this team that is accelerating Hawaii’s progress towards a zero-emissions future.”

REGENT embarked on the Community Audition Tour for the first time in the summer of 2021. Key members of the REGENT management team have spent almost a full year engaging with stakeholders from the public, private and civil sectors to understand the needs of residents and learn more about the unique ecosystems associated with the region.

“We appreciate that REGENT engaged local communities and environmental groups early on in the process,” said Kuhio Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of the Hawaii Native Development Council, who frequently collaborates with REGENT on community issues as the company prepares to launch the project. study. “Their commitment to building relationships with the community demonstrates that they genuinely care about the people of Hawaii and want to do the right thing for our islands.”

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