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Maisie Williams always looks back on her role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones when she gets a new role.

The 25-year-old actress rose to fame as a teenager playing a brash tomboy on the hit HBO fantasy series, and she’s learned so much from the character that she’s always on her mind when starting a new acting job.

Taking part in the Women’s Factor panel at Cannes Lions at Spotify Beach on the French Riviera, she told Spotify VP and Global Head of Public Affairs Dusty Jenkins, “Arya Stark represents a lot of change in the industry. I am so grateful to have played her for the last 10 years and every new role I take on, I always remember her character and what I learned from her.”

The Pistol star insisted that women support each other in the male-dominated entertainment industry and be “relentless” in achieving their goals.

She said: “Women in our industry always doubt themselves, but you have to fight it and unite. There is room for all women here, and if you have ambition or a goal for who you want to be or what you want to do, you must be relentless in achieving it.”

Maisie launched the Frank Film Club with Maisie Williams podcast with her friends during the COVID-19 pandemic and learned a lot about herself by recording explicit episodes.

She said: “During the pandemic, I really learned a lot about myself. My friends and I watched movies and always talked about them afterward, so we thought, “Why not start a podcast?” Since then, we’ve really been able to transform the podcast and bring a little bit of ourselves into every episode in an authentic way!”

Macy, casting director Hannah Marie Williams and director Lowry Robert are inviting listeners to join them as they “journey through the crazy world of cinema.”

Normal People star Daisy Edgar-Jones joined them on a recent episode to discuss her role in 2022’s Fresh and the horrors of modern dating.

The Cannes Lions at Spotify Beach are just getting started, with new music performances, fireside chats with key Spotify executives and industry leaders, podcast recordings and more.


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