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Gardening offers so many opportunities to create relaxing green spaces. Whether you have a large plot of land to create expansive gardens or you are working with a small patio, well thought out design can help create rewarding and unique outdoor spaces.

According to Garden Media’s 2022 Garden Trends report, people are creating “zones” to make the best use of space. There are many ways to create zones, from container plantings and window boxes to carefully arranged outdoor furniture and even outdoor paintings and curtains.

Let’s first talk about landscaped beds, porches and patios in front of the houses. This front area is often the first thing people see, and curb appeal is a real thing. These areas are important destinations and extensions of our homes.

Patios with seating and outdoor d├ęcor can increase the floor space of your home, giving you more space to entertain and relax. You can also create recreation areas in your landscapes with different zones and themes.

Another area could be a children’s area with play equipment such as swings, a leash ball, a sandbox and a trampoline. Why not complement them with a garden area where children can enjoy art and physical activity in the garden?

A raised bed can be a great way to let kids grow their own plants and food. What child – or adult, for that matter – doesn’t love to dig in the dirt and play with it? It can also be a place where children can explore nature while watching insects, earthworms, birds and other wild animals. This area provides an outlet for children and a charming landscape attraction.

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The entertainment areas are a great addition to the landscape. Lawn activity areas such as cornhole, boccia and horseshoes can be a playground for both kids and adults. Fire pits with seating areas offer a cozy retreat in the winter, while areas that provide a respite from the sun with large shade trees are great for gatherings in the summer.

Pollinator gardens are another great addition. Lucky for us, the plants that pollinators love to visit are some of the most beautiful we can add to our gardens. Many varieties of both annuals and perennials add to the beauty of the garden and attract some of nature’s most graceful creatures.

The cottage gardens just scream “fancy” with their colorful plants. These gardens usually include a wide variety of colorful ornamental plants as well as edible plants and herbs mixed together. Cottage gardens are charming and are often adorned with white picket fences, gazebos, earthenware pots and ornate signage. They are a casual play in more traditional gardens and may tend to extend into other aspects of the landscape such as paths and lawns, creating an extension of the space.

Xeriscaping is another type of green space. It is also known as the desert garden and is not commonly seen in Louisiana. While they are usually found in drier regions such as the southwest, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a place in your Louisiana landscape.

This type of landscape requires little water and zero irrigation. This type of zone uses permeable gravel beds such as decomposed granite and pea gravel, combined with native plants and succulents such as agave, aloe vera, cactus and many other stonecrop species. These types of zones require minimal maintenance and are a sustainable option for homeowners and are environmentally friendly.

No matter what type of area you want to create, there is a plant that is perfect for that area. In addition, containers help to expand the boundaries of your space and allow you to place almost any type of plant that you want to highlight.


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