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Lifestyle: wicker shop in Le Bon Marché

February 12 to April 24, 2022 Bon Marché Rive Gauche honors the Tressé label during their Crazy Collab. On this occasion, the brand invited five masters, including Julie Bruant, Anja Marshall and Mia Refslund.

family business

Tressé tableware is designed to be easy to use. Wicker

This is the story of a mother and her two children. look elsewhere. It all started on March 10, 2021, when Evelyn, Sivan and Ketsiya Shetrit decided to work hand in hand. Their credo? Create durable objects using solar materials and colors such as yellow, green or even pink. “It seems more important than ever to buy durable items, feel comfortable at home and experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones.” says Ketsiya, co-founder of the brand.

Suitcases to go

Some items from the winter suitcase.

Some items from the winter suitcase. Wicker

The idea is simple. Instead of leaving collections behind, Tressé invites you to travel with your suitcases. Developed monthly by three brand thinkers. Inside, clothes, decor items, dishes inspired by the destination, the atmosphere, the meeting. Each object is also stamped, similar to those that fill out our passports. “We have a fairly free creative process, we mostly work on inspiration and flair. Our opinions often coincide, and it is quite easy for us to agree on different prejudices.Sivan says.

Passion for beauty

Tresse collaborates with many artists such as Camilla Romagnani (left) and Mia Refslund (right).

Tresse collaborates with many artists such as Camilla Romagnani (left) and Mia Refslund (right). DR

Their love for beautiful materials and beautiful objects – candlesticks, mirrors, crockery, vases and more – led them to work with renowned craftsmen such as Atelier Buffile, who designed earthenware pieces that reflect the Mediterranean atmosphere for their first suitcase. A workshop that will run until April 24 at the Tressé pop-up at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche, along with ceramics signed by Mia Refslund, Camille Romagnani, Anja Marchal and Julie Bruin.

Taking care of the environment Wicker products are produced in small batches and limited editions. In the future, the lifestyle brand would also like to explore the world of flowers, treatments and even coffee.

> From February 12 to April 24, 2022 at: Bon Marché Rive Gauche, 24, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, more details here.

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