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Lifestyle / Taste of Morocco – Chef Mocha and Moroccan gastronomy honored in Washington DC

Moroccan gastronomy has been in the spotlight this week in Washington DC thanks to a series of cultural events hosted by the Royal Embassy featuring Chef Mohi Fedal.

While stopping in Washington for a few days for the Taste of Morocco event, the star of Moroccan gastronomy captivated the taste buds of Americans by introducing them to the secrets of Moroccan culinary arts.

Surrounded by a dozen onlookers eager to apply his precious guidance, Chef Mocha introduced his apprentice chefs to the expert blends of Moroccan spices that make up the taste of local dishes, all in a friendly atmosphere in pure Moroccan tradition.

“I wanted to bring back my spices to show how you can make simple and good Moroccan dishes,” the celebrity chef admitted in a statement to MAP, explaining that “everyone has already tried couscous, but no one knows lemon chicken, very simple and especially tasty dish”.

+ Many Americans are not very familiar with Moroccan gastronomy +

And add: “Since many Americans don’t know Moroccan gastronomy very well, this is the best way to get to them,” he noted, explaining that he spent several hours with the Americans, teaching them how to cook small Moroccan dishes such as zaaluk or “tektuka “makes them want to come and visit Morocco.”

In addition to the cooking classes, the Moroccan Embassy in Washington also hosted a tasting evening on Thursday evening, where dozens of guests enjoyed an exceptional buffet, expertly crafted by Chef Mocha.

Thus, the numerous participants of this evening were treated to fifteen dishes that constitute the richness of the national gastronomy, between pastilles, couscous, fried chicken, fish tajine, not to mention countless Moroccan pastries.

“Moroccan cuisine is a cuisine of sharing and love, an ancestral art, and we take pleasure in introducing our American friends to the values ​​of Moroccan generosity,” summed up this tenor of Moroccan cuisine. The event was an undeniable success.


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