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MEXICO CITY (AP) — While browsing through a photo archive left behind by Nobel Prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, one of his granddaughters came across a mysterious plastic box with the word “grandchildren” written on the label.

At first, Emilia Garcia Elizondo was afraid to open the box, but curiosity overcame her. Inside were 150 unpublished letters he received from Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, former US President Bill Clinton, Cuban President Fidel Castro, and actor Robert Redford, among others.

The forty letters will be on display for two months starting June 16 at the colonial house in the southern part of Mexico’s capital, where García Márquez lived with his wife Mercedes Barcha from the 1980s until his death in 2014.

The exhibition is part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of his receipt of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Another event, including the exhibition “Gabriel García Márquez: The Making of a World Writer”, opens June 18 at the Museum of Modern Art of Mexico.

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“I’m 32 years old and this whole thing continues to impress me,” García Elizondo, director of the García Márquez Foundation, told The Associated Press, describing her shock at finding the box in a closet on the second floor of her grandparents’ house. ‘ house. She walked past the closet many times without paying much attention to it.

García Márquez’s granddaughter said the discovery came as a surprise to the family because they thought all of his letters and personal correspondence were at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, which holds the largest collection of the writer’s papers.

“You never expect to find things like this, even if you already know who Gabo is… I will always think that Gabo does everything like magic,” she said. García Márquez is affectionately known in Latin America as Gabo.

Among the letters on display are five from Castro, one from Neruda, two from Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes, two from Mexican guerrilla leader Subcomandante Marcos, one from Redford, one from director Woody Allen and seven from Clinton.

In one of them, dated December 28, 1999, Clinton told the Colombian writer how he and his wife, Hillary, experienced at a concert of Colombian vallenato music given by youth in the White House. He described the music as a “treasure” and “a wonderful counterpoint to the negative imagery often associated with your beautiful country”.

Also included is a handwritten letter from Castro dated December 10, 2007, in which he writes: “I am subject to a strict exercise regimen that I must strictly adhere to if I intend to continue to be useful to the revolution. “.

Gonzalo García Barcha, the writer’s youngest son and Emilia’s father, said that the family misses García Márquez very much. Garcia Marquez has four grandchildren.

“That’s why we do these types of activities. We want this house to stay alive,” he said.

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