Ladakh Tourism advises tourists to book accommodation in Pangong Lake area in advance

Tourist destinations follow a supply and demand chain schedule. The more demand, the less supply. This is exactly the scene that takes place at Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Since the tourist destination is in demand, it is difficult for tourists to book accommodation. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Pangong Lake, it is worth taking prior permission and booking your accommodation in advance.

In Leh, the tourism department of Ladakh asked people not to visit high altitude places such as Khardongla, Changla, Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri and Penzela and other areas. They are advised to visit only if they have spent 48 hours. Ladakh Tourism came up with this solution considering altitude sickness and death caused by altitude problems.

According to the Ladakh Tourism Advisory Board, “The Pangong Lake area is a wildlife sanctuary, so housing availability is limited. Given the limited number of accommodations available, tourists/visitors should avoid planning a stay in Pangong without booking accommodation in advance.”

Along with this, tourists are also advised to book taxis and other vehicles in advance. They can book it from registered travel agents and operators.
According to the Traveler’s Bulletin: “Tourists/visitors are encouraged to do their part to keep all tourist sites and routes clean. They are advised to respect nature, the environment, local traditions and culture and to comply with all rules, regulations and (official) guidelines.”

Pangong Lake is the world’s highest salt water body, shared by India and China. It is located at an altitude of 4350 meters and also serves as a great place for tourists.


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